Alexandre Sandier, born in 1843 in Beune, France, was an interior architect and designer of ceramics. Trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris and then with Russel Sturgiss in Chicago, in 1897 he was appointed  artistic director at the National Manufactory of Sevres, in Paris. Under Sandier, Sevres embraced Art Nouveau with the creation of hundreds of new shapes, an emphasis on the study of nature which was the central tenet of Art Nouveau which was aided by the factory's vast technical and artistic resources. He was responsible for the design of the Imperial Starirway at the 1889 Paris World's Fair. He developed  a new porcelain stoneware, resistant to the elements and suitable for use  in monumental projects. In 1900, he designed the facade of the pavilion of the Sevres manufactury using this technique. For the International Exhibition in Ghent, in 1913, he used a system of modules adaptable to various configurations to mark the entrance of the library of the French section. 

Works by Alexandre Sandier