Giuseppe D'Aste was born in Naples but was mostly active in Paris, exhibiting at the Salon des Artistes Français, and subsequently changing his first name to Joseph. 

Joseph d'Aste - who is called: Giuseppe D'Aste or Joseph d'Aste - is a sculptor of Italian origin, born in Naples (Italy) in the year 1881 and died in year 1945, who worked mainly in France, specifically Paris. D'Astes main work was done in France (Paris) where the sculptor moved around the year 1900, having taken part then in following exhibition: Salon des artistes français of the year 1905.  His sculptural groups, which often represent children or rural life are included in the collections of the Museum of Orsay Paris. Joseph d'Aste was an active sculptor until the year 1935 / he retired after this year.

Works by Giuseppe D'Aste