A pupil of Vaudoyer, Louis-Marie Lanté was a painter who exhibited at the Salons from 1824 to 1838  . He obtained a silver medal at Lille in 1825 . He is especially the most prolific designer of the famous Journal des Dames et des Modes for which he drew fashion figures in watercolor engraved by the engravers of the fashion periodical Georges-Jacques Gatine.

He also participated in the production of large format board suites, which the Journal des Dames et Modes also published. Among them are suites engraved by Georges-Jacques Gatine on regional costumes, especially of Normandy, or foreign countries, on the historical costumes, in particular the "French Gallery of women famous for their talents or beauty, or portraits, drawn engraved and colored " 

He is responsible for an invaluable testimony, elegant and refined,  of the feminine and masculine  outfits of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Works by Louis Marie Lante