The work of Luiz Ferreira was and continues to be, the testimony of an exquisite treatment of noble metals and stones, in a combination of materials with great decorative effect.


All this spirit is in the LF stores, places of good taste par excellence. It is there that each customer looks for the art of Luiz Ferreira expressed in silver, jewels, the famous animals of enormous variety and color richness and many other objects. Luiz Ferreira was in essence a Esteta, revealing great imagination and creative ability.


Man of high sensitivity, from the forms that surrounded him, gave life to numerous pieces where it is always possible to find the conjugation of the classic and the modern, in an interconnection ruled by the harmony and dialogue of the forms. Luiz Ferreira entered the universe of artists of great name of the Portuguese silversmiths and his work consecrates in a very special way the supremacy of the decorative before the utility. In his work there is Art, in the full sense of the word.


Famous Customers Who Own Parts LUIZ FERREIRA

Duchess D'Alba, Queen Elizabeth II, Kings of Spain, Dukes of Windsor, John Paul II to the Vatican, Nixon (United States President), Jaqueline Kenedy, Amália Rodrigues, Vieira da Silva, Americo Tomás, Paul Meurisse Pitanguy, Rute Marinho, Dior House, Chanel House, Tifany's NYC, Hélène Rochas, Helena Rubinstein.

Works by Luiz Ferreira