Maison Millet was established by Théodore Millet in 1853, and operated until 1902 in Paris.  Maison Millet was a highly regarded furniture firm  and produced Furniture especially with very fine  bronze mounts, in both antique and modern styles. The company won several awards  in London and Paris, winning the gold medal in the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle, a Grand Prix in 1900 and three further diplomes d'honneur and four médailles d'or for the furniture they produced. The firm specialized in the Louis XV and XVI styles, though they were acclaimed by their contemporaries for working in their own modern style. In March 1902, the firm was authorized by the Palais de Versailles to replicate Marie-Antoinette's celebrated Grand cabinet à bijoux. An auction was held in 1906 clearing the remaining stock and the firm finally ceased trading in 1918.  Maison Millet was an active client of François Linke.

Works by Maison Millet