Both a painter and a sculptor, Vincent Magni moves confidently from one medium to another, examining the subjective interpretation of reality, making sure that the free-standing, slender and carefully measured forms never interfere with the contrasting fluidity of his brushstrokes on the canvas. In both fields, the dominant theme of Vincent Magni is the status of the figure, expressed through his familiar poses, the oval of his silent faces, his inclination to dreaming and his sensetive authority. The perception of Vincent Magni is narrative in sculpture and allusive in painting. Vincent Magni first works by inutiation, inspired by an initial impulse, avoiding the perverse codes of knowledge which could alter the sincerity of his approach to the material or the impact of his brushstrokes. Vincent Magni knows, as Gaston Bachelard has already pointed out, that the image in all its simplicity has no need of knowledge; it is the reflection of a native conscience... before thought.

Even though he began as a painter, Vincent Magni spends now more time every day working on sculptures, installations and art furniture. Instead of removing material to construct, Vincent Magni has decided to add to and to combine, with great precision, linear interwoven forms created from an unraveled spool of steel wire, within an open anatomical organization. Everything in the sinuous rythms of these humanobiles, which are carefully cut out and smoothly interconnected, is designed for movement. This movement reveals the world of sculpture and its history. "What interests me," Vincent Magni tells us, "is its mobility, the expression in the movement. You move the humanobile and it directly reacts, telling us things." Receptive to the least movement, the slightest touch, the humanobile bends, withdraws and sways, adopting vibrating poses that seem unimaginable when it was standing still.

The art of Vincent Magni is designed both for the mind and the heart. The aim of the artist is to share all what he has captured from both the hidden and the obvious, his discreet sensuality, and his resolutely optimistic and playful nature. Indeed, no dry mechanism spoils his cheerful radiance. Vincent Magni admits with a smile: "My works make me laugh!"



Works by Vincent Magni