Ken Nevadomi - 1984 Interview

Ken Nevadomi 1984 interview by Dennis Barrie

Artist and Residence

A project of The New Organization for the Visual Arts and the Archives of American Art / The Smithsonian Institution.

ideastream - Frank Nelson Wilcox

ideastream's Dan Polletta interviews art historians Marianne Berardi and Henry Adams on WOLFS exhibit, The Dean: Frank Nelson Wilcox (1887-1964). On view September 19 - November 30, 2019, this comprehensive exhibition encompasses over 200 works depicting American scene, Europe, the Northeast Coast and American west, spanning much of Wilcox’s remarkable career.

Cleveland: A Cultural Center - Panel Discussion

A fascinating panel discussion organized in conjunction with our exhibition Cleveland: A Cultural Center and why Cleveland became an important cultural arts center. This exhibition of over 150 works originating from the Cleveland School, a community of exceptionally talented artists which began to take shape in Northeast Ohio during the early 1900s. The men and women of the Cleveland School would go on to contribute a staggering number of beautiful and important works of art and design throughout much of the 20th century.

William Robinson, PhD, Senior Curator, Cleveland Museum of Art
Henry Adams, PhD, Professor of Art History, Case Western Reserve University
Dennis Barrie, PhD, Principal, Barrie Projects 
Mark Inglis, VP of Marketing & Communications, The Cleveland Institute of Art

Moderated by Alexxa Gotthardt, Staff Writer,

July 19th, 2018

Cleveland: A Cultural Center - Gallery Tour

In summer of 2018, WOLFS presented Cleveland: A Cultural Center, a loan exhibition organized in celebration of the exceptional arts community known as The Cleveland School.

The Cleveland School first began to take shape in Northeast Ohio during the early 1900. Collectively, they went on to contribute a staggering number of beautiful and important works of art and design throughout much of the 20th century.

Consisting of over 150 works drawn almost entirely from private collections across the country, Cleveland: A Cultural Center showcased the finest examples by The Cleveland School’s most talented makers, resulting in a vibrant visual chemistry and a compelling chronicle of 20th century American Art.

Curated by Henry Adams, Professor of Art History at Case Western Reserve University and noted authority on The Cleveland School.

The Late Stanley J. Seeger Jr. Collection of Joseph Glasco

Stanley J. Seeger Jr. is widely recognized as one of the greatest art collectors of the 20th century. His collection of Joseph Glasco began in 1955, with the purchase of 'Salome'. Seeger continued to collect the work of Glasco until his death in 2011.

Remarks on the artist and collector by Michael Raeburn, author of 'Joseph Glasco: The Fifteenth American' along with his wife, Dr. Marilyn McCully, noted scholar and Picasso expert. 

Glasco Opening Reception

A preview of our forthcoming film on Joseph Glasco.

From the opening reception 'An Innate Eye: The Artist and Collector' The Late Stanley J. Seeger Jr. Collection of works by Joseph Glasco

The David Chesler Collection of Joseph Glasco

In 1949 New York Joseph Glasco was a mid century modern painter at the beginning of the American modern art movement. Collected early in his career by major American museums, Glasco pursued his individual style, a figurative abstraction combined with a serene classicism that was visually monumental, graphically complex and refined. In November 2016, WOLFS was pleased to exhibit and offer for sale The David Chesler Collection: Works by Joseph Glasco, a personal group of works derived from a long and important friendship.

The Friedman Collection of Contemporary Art Glass

In September 2015, WOLFS was pleased to present for sale at auction the remarkable contemporary glass collection of Robert and Ann Friedman. View the catalog.

The Merrick Collection of Automata and Music Boxes

The private collection of the late Dr. Byron P. and Mrs. Josephine Merrick of Berlin Heights, Ohio was one of the most extraordinary, extensive, and important collections of its kind in the world. Featuring over sixty musical automata and over one hundred musical boxes. 

WOLF’S Fine Art Auctioneers ​1993 

Film by Leo Michitsch