Medium: Bronze on marble base

Signature: marked "Tiffany & Co." on the back of the base


22.25 in. h. X 15 in. w. X  9 in. d.


Previously Exhibited at Biedenharne Museum, NOMA

This youthful bust of Louis XIV is modelled after the original model at Versailles (in the North wing, 1st floor, 17th century rooms). The young king, shown with his head turned three-quarters, wears a Roman cuirass or armor. He is further identified with the addition of a sun, or the Sun King’s emblem, at the bottom of the base, with surrounding inscription “Ludovicus Magnus Nec Pluribus Impar” or “Louis the Great, Not Unequal to Many.” 


From the Private Collection of Daniel Bibb, Atlanta, Georgia. 

Type of Work: Sculpture

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