Medium: chromolithograph after the original pastel drawings

Signature: Signed E.L. Trouvelot in the plate


Six vertical plates measuring 32.75 x 25.25 and nine horizontal plates measuring 25.25 x 32.75


Comprising 15 chromolithographed plates after the artist's original pastel drawings, printed and published by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1881 under the supervision of the artist.  The plates are titled and numbered as follows: I. Group of Sun Spots, II. Solar Protuberances, III. Total Eclipse of the Sun, IV. Aurora Borealis, V. The Zodiacal Light, VI. Mare Humorum, VII. Partial Eclipse of the Moon, VIII. The Planet Mars, IX. The Planet Jupiter, X. The Planet Saturn, XI. The Great Comet of 1881, XII. The November Meteors, XIII. Part of the Milky Way, XIV. Star Cluster in Hercules, XV. The Great Nebula in Orion. Each plate notes date and time of observance or date of original sketch. 

Trouvelot was an artist who became interested in astronomy after observing and sketching auroras in the 1870's. Astronomers at Harvard University were impressed with his work and invited him to join their staff, where he had access to Harvard's 15 inch refractor, the use of  which allowed him to make hundreds of celestial drawings. It is speculated that 300  sets of these prints were made, intended mostly for the scientific community, observatories and libraries. Very few complete sets are known today.


Ex-Collection of a California book dealer.  Bearing Library of Congress stamp. 


The group of 15 plates unbound without the folio or accompanying manual. All plates in fair condition on full sheets. For a very detailed condition report please contact the gallery.

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