Medium: walnut


40.25 in. h. x 24 in. w.

18 in. h. seat


Each with cartouche shaped back over outscrolled arms, the seatrail carved with a scallop, raised on cabriole legs.
Measures: 40.25 in. H x 24 in. W x 18 in. H seat.


Repairs, restorations and reinforcements. Have been carefully reinforced, in the 18th or 19thc. with hand made iron brackets applied at the seatrails in the front and on the backs of the chair back. Chairs numbered III and IIIII. Chair III - there is a slight slope in the seatrail from left to right. Seatrail measures 18 in. on left and 17.5 in. on right. Measurement from floor to underneath the arm is 25.25 in. Chair IIIII - Measurement from floor to seatrail on left is 17.5 in. and 17.75 on right. Measurement from floor to under arm 25.25 in. Repair to front left leg.

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